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Positively Humane

"Despite the best coding available, computers and computing products tend to either change human behavior or they require adoption to acceptable levels"


Humble thoughts

Computers and computer science have always been under use either to simulate human actions or ease the human life. Human tasks when implemented using code, tend to differ from normal practice and thinking. Even minor differences in product requires humans to adopt, change behaviors and habits to be able to use the software that was initially created to simulate the human actions, assist them in improving efficiency.


We believe that computers no matter what size, shape and processing power should only help humans to do things better, assist them and add value. It is just another tool, and shall in no way affect the natural thought process of us in getting things done.


Do we want to stay wired and continue to grow using the machines more in future too!


We are taking our first steps and humbly learning our way through creating products and services that are meaningful. Various fields of science e.g. Human Factors, Usability, User Experience or Service design all follow certain standards and set of rules. We are not claiming to be experts or propose a new way of doing things. Instead we aim to blend them in right proportions to deliver “Positively Humane” solutions.


Being developed

At the moment we are working on two of those “Positively Humane” products and services. One related to traveling and the other related to textile.


We are working hard and wish to bring them to you at the end of this year. Watch this space for announcements soon.






Three Is Crowd

A Crowd stands for untapped potential, togetherness, and a sense of purpose. We wanted to reflect that unified productive sense to what we do. And the founding members are 3 so the fitted just right for us.


The company was founded in Feb 2015 and collectively we bring a lot of competence in the areas of Software Development, Interaction Design, and large scale Operations.


It is our notion that smiling images of people and a long list of credentials need not always create positively humane products and services. Please drop us a line at – and we would be glad to share more information.

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